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COVID-19 Taproom Rules

New Hours (Temporary Hours, subject to change):
Mon – Thurs: 3pm – 9pm
Fri – Sun: 1pm – 9pm

We have taken extra precautions to make the environment safe and comfortable – deep cleaning and sanitizing the overall taproom, seating, glassware, draft lines, etc… We will have new rules in place in order to stay in compliance with the State Mandated Rules for Social Distancing. Please take a moment to review the list of rules below. We know, these rules suck. But we must follow them if we want to re-open and not be forced to close down. Thanks for understanding.

You’ll notice that the taproom looks and feels a bit different, but it’s still the same good vibes at the brewery.

  • We have extra hand sanitizer available for you.
  • If you forget your mask, we have extra that you can get for $1.
  • Tape markings on the ground will designate the social distancing areas and paths of travel.

Let your friends know to meet up prior to arriving at BLACK PLAGUE so we can seat you all together at your table. Part of the rules is that you must arrive with your group together and be seated all at the same time. So plan ahead and invite your friends to come with you.



1. What are the guidelines to be able to come into the taproom?

2. Do I have to wear a mask?

3. What if I don’t have a mask?

4. What safety precautions are your staff taking to stay clean and sanitized?

5. What safety precautions is the food vendor taking?

6. Can I bring in outside food?

7. What is your maximum occupancy?

8. Can I make a reservation?

9. How many people can be in a group?

10. Is your kid policy the same as before?

11. Is the bar top open? Can I sit at the bar?

12. Are you allowing dogs in the brewery?

13. What are your hours?

14. When is last call?

15. Can I fill my growler?

16. Are you still doing happy hour?

17. What about your normal weekly events i.e Open Mic, Trivia, Live Music etc.?

18. Are you still doing your togo booth?

19. Are you still shipping beer?

20. How long are these guidelines and restrictions going to last?

21. Why are your rules stricter than other breweries/restaurants I’ve been to?

22. Do I need to order food in order to have a beer?

  1. What are the guidelines to be able to come into the taproom?
    1. SD County Safe Onsite Plan
    2. CA Dept. of Public Health Covid Guidance for Dine-In Restaurants
    3. Face Covering Requirement 
  2. Do I have to wear a mask?
    1. Yes, anywhere in the brewery except for when you are seated at your table you may remove your mask. 
    3. (In “Prevention & Mitigation” section)
    4. (page 2)
  3. What if I don’t have a mask?
    1. Masks are required and you will not be allowed in without one but we do sell $1.00 masks onsite if you forget yours at home. 
  4. What safety precautions are your staff taking to stay clean and sanitized?
    1. We are doing everything we can to clean and sanitize areas of the taproom after each possible contamination. This includes sanitizing tables and chairs between uses, the staff using face masks and disposable gloves, wiping down and sanitizing our touch screens between transactions, scheduled sanitized cleans of the bathrooms etc. 
  5. What safety precautions is the food vendor taking?
    1. Full Metal Burger has transitioned to all contactless ordering and contactless pickup. Everything will be packaged to go and the condiments and utensils will be pre-packaged togo as well. They will be practicing the same safety precautions as the BLACK PLAGUE staff in addition to others due to handling food. 
  6. Can I bring in outside food?
    1. Yes you may, however you WILL still have to purchase a food voucher for a meal regardless. Also, we just overall will encourage you to eat the delicious food from Full Metal Burgers. 
  7. What is your maximum occupancy?
    1. With the new social distancing guidelines, our maximum occupancy is 75 people. 
  8. Can I make a reservation?
    1. No, at the moment seating will be on a  first come, first serve basis.
  9. How many people can be in a group?
    1. 6 people max, must be from the same household (including children). 
    2. All guests of a single party must be present before being sat. 
    3. (pages 1-2)
    4. (pages 10-11)
    5. All guests must stay seated unless ordering or using the restroom. There is no standing and “hanging out”. (page 4)
  10. Is your kid policy the same as before?
    1. Yes the kid policy still applies Taproom Child Policy
    2. Please note that everyone must stay seated unless ordering beer or using the restroom, this includes children. Children aged 2 and older must wear a face covering. (page 3)
  11. Is the bar top open? Can I sit at the bar?
    1. No, at the moment the bar isn’t allowed to be sat due to the lack of social distancing it allows between the staff and customers as well as no one can be sat within 6 feet of beverage and server stations . You may order your beer from the bartop but that is it.  
    2. (page 10)
    3. (page 2)
  12. Are you allowing dogs in the brewery?
    1. Yes, as long as they are leashed and well behaved.
  13. What are your hours?
    1. Mon – Thurs: 3pm – 9pm | Fri – Sun: 1pm – 9pm
  14. When is last call?
    1. Last call is 30 minute prior to close, so 8:30pm. 
  15. Can I fill my growler?
    1. As a safety precaution, we are not filling growlers, however we do sell 32oz crowlers of all draft beers. 
  16.  Are you still doing happy hour?
    1. We have temporarily removed Happy Hour from our weekly events. 
  17.   What about your normal weekly events i.e Open Mic, Trivia, Live Music etc.?
    1. At the moment we are not “allowed” to have live entertainment or events that encourage people to come hangout. So all events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. 
    2. (page 3)
  18.   Are you still doing your togo booth?
    1. Yes, we will still have our pop up togo booth available for anyone who wants to purchase togo beer or merchanidse. It will be open the same hours as the taproom 1pm-8pm daily. 
  19.   Are you still shipping beer?
    1. Yes, we can ship anywhere in CA (minus PO boxes). Must be 21 or older and requires a signature upon arrival.
  20.   How long are these guidelines and restrictions going to last?
    1. It isn’t up to us. It’s all up to the county and state government. Once we are given the green light to ease back on these guidelines we will do so accordingly. 
  21. Why are your rules stricter than other breweries/restaurants I’ve been to?
    1. Unfortunately, not everyone is following the rules and/or are interpreting them incorrectly. For us at BLACK PLAGUE, we want to ensure that the safety of our customers, staff and vendors always remains our number one priority. We waited back a few weeks to open in order to gain more information and clarification from the county to make sure that we are following the rules as they were intended to be followed. Remember this is only temporary! We’d love to just go back to “normal” too but right now that just isn’t an option so we are adapting in the meantime. 
  22. Do I need to order food in order to have a beer?
    1. Yes, we automatically add a $4 food voucher to your bar tab. This $4 can be applied towards the purchase of food from our on-site food vendor. Or, you can give it away to a friend. Or save it for another visit later.

See you there! Cheers!

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Taproom Offering To-Go Beer Sales during Temporary Closure

Taproom will be open for Outdoor Dining only until further notice… We are also offering To-Go beer & merch out of our brewery, to help with social distancing and responsibly helping to limit the potential spread of the virus (as recommended by CA Gov Office).

You can order beer for pickup on our web store and we will have it ready for easy pickup at our side roll-up door between 3pm and 9pm Mon-Thurs… and 1pm – 9pm Fri-Sun.

Help support small local business by cruising over to stock up before the real quarantine begins.

Order Beer for Pickup or Shipping
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Now Distributed in Arizona

We are excited to announce that our beers are spreading into Arizona as part of AZ BEER WEEK! Join us as we kick-off our new distribution partnership with Quail Distributing to launch our amazing award-winning 🥇🍺 beers into the great state of Arizona with a list of fun events at a bunch of killer bars, pubs, restaurants, and party pads. Come out to hang and crush some beers with us.

BLACK PLAGUE Brewing will be on draft at several other locations in AZ soon and spread deeper into Arizona as we begin to develop lasting relationships with retailers and fans in the area. We are looking forward to sharing some beers with our partners and friends that are already out in AZ this week…

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2019 Recap

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to celebrate all the accomplishments from 2019. It was a big year, and with the incredible amount of teamwork from everyone we’ve made lots of moves to position ourselves for an even bigger year in 2020.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Huge reduction in beer waste / lost in process from brewing yields, transfers, kegging, and canning runs this year as compared to last year. Better processes and smoother operations this year helped to save 12% more precious beer from going down the drain. That’s the equivalent of 89,879 12oz cans of beer saved for drinking, instead of losing it down the drain.

Winning 1st Place / GOLD at San Diego Intl’ Beer Competition

After only 2 years in business, our head brewer wins us a GOLD medal at the San Diego International Beer Competition. This is a highly competitive beer category at one of the most prestigious competitions in the country, second only to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado.  We’re very proud of this award. It has helped to launch the Hazy Scandal Hazy IPA to the top of the charts, becoming one of our best-selling beers.

47% More Beer This Year

The Production Team brewed 47% more beer this year than last year. Demand is increasing and we will need to expand this team in 2020 to keep up. Kudos to this team for maintaining an incredible level of quality control while churning out award-winning beers at an amazing pace. 

Installing all the tanks to finish the first cellar

We continue to reinvest all profits into growing the infrastructure for this business to thrive. Our original plan of maximizing all the space in our warehouse is coming to fruition. Our first cellar (beer fermenting & conditioning area) is finally complete with the addition of (2) 60 barrel tanks. This puts our total annual brewing capacity at about 8,000 barrels of beer. Thats nearly 1.98 MILLION pints of beer. We have not reached that maximum capacity yet, but we are striving for it in 2020.

Collaborations Galore

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington.

We’ve been humbled to work alongside some of the best teams in the industry to collaboratively brew styles of beer that we have never produced before. Below is a short list of some of the most notable collaborations we’ve done this year:

  • Birdhouse & Tony Hawk – this launched our best-selling beer brand – Tony Hawps Birdhouse IPA
  • Stone Brewing – releasing two new styles we had not brewed yet – our first Berliner Weisse (Sour Ale) and Hefeweizen.
  • Belching Beaver Brewery – Our first double dry hopped IPA which sold out in distribution before we even released it.
  • Sketchy Tank – a brand collaboration to release several new pieces of merchandise that our followers have been begging for since we first opened our doors. Those merch items are by far our most popular pieces.
  • Duck Foot Brewing Co – brewing our first Gluten-Reduced beer, a style that we will experiment with in 2020 to see what styles work best.

Celebrated our 2-Year Anniversary

2 Years and many more to come. Every year, we try to out-do ourselves with extravagant events, outlandish beer brands, and collaborations. We are so very thankful for everyone that has ever purchased a BLACK PLAGUE beer, our accounts & distribution parters! We wouldn’t be here without them.

To wrap up this year-end recap, below is a short reminder about what we stand for as a team and a company…

What We Stand For…
At BLACK PLAGUE Brewing, we are working to create a better life for people through quality products and the hospitable experiences we offer. We are constantly developing better ways of providing our service by doing it. Through this work, we have come to live by the following core values and principles… This is what we stand for.

Beer makes friends – Build a community & treat people like family

  • In order to build a community, you need like-minded individuals that are collectively loyal to a common mission of cultivating meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Quality over quantity

  • It’s called “craft” for a reason. From the beginning, we’ve focused on creating high quality original products that set us apart from our competition. We attract fans, followers, and customers because of the quality of our products, not the amount that we produce. We will not sacrifice quality in the pursuit of higher volumes or reaching more people.

Have a “Find a way or make one” mindset

  • Finding simple solutions to everyday problems is the most creative and valuable problem-solving we can do. Always be curious and look for ways to solve a problem even when it seems like there is no answer in sight. There is always a way, although it may come at a cost in some other way. Logic, reason, and common sense are your best tools for synthesizing reality and understanding what to do about it.

Engage, cultivate, and empower yourself and those around you, as people are our most important resource

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to understand how you can best use your skills on the team. Don’t give orders and try to be followed; try to be understood and to understand others by getting aligned. Each person fulfills a function that supports our strategic objective of becoming a respected brand in this industry and beyond. It is critically important that we all understand the expectations for our role, the results that each person is expected to achieve, and the list of standards by which you will be measured and the results evaluated.

Trust in radical truth and radical transparency

  • Understand your ego barrier and your blind spot barrier by being radically open-minded and radically transparent. Have integrity and demand it from others. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face and don’t judge people without accusing them to their face. Don’t let loyalty to people stand in the way of truth and the well-being of the team and company. Share the things that are the hardest to share. Accepting who you are and where you are at in life will only serve to help you better understand how you can grow and the steps you need to take in order to get where you want to be. In being transparent about how you feel about yourself and others, it will help those around you to be transparent and learn how to better improve themselves as well. If a number of different believable people say you are doing something wrong and you are the only one who doesn’t see it that way, assume you are probably biased. A great organization has both great people and a great culture. Great people have both great character and great capabilities. Great cultures bring problems and disagreements to the surface and solve them well, and they love imagining building great things that haven’t been built before. 

Pain + Reflection = Progress & Growth

  • “Our most painful moments are also our most important. Rather than run from pain, we need to identify it, accept it, and learn how to use it to better ourselves.” – Ray Dalio.  Accept tough love and embrace the pain that is felt from making mistakes or errors. Through reflecting on the pain you can learn what is necessary to become better and avoid making the same mistakes again. Identify and don’t tolerate problems. Don’t avoid confronting problems because they are rooted in harsh realities that are unpleasant to look at. Recognize that mistakes are a natural part of the evolutionary process. It is ok to make mistakes, it is unacceptable not to learn from them. An idea meritocracy that values inputs from all levels of the organization is the best way to grow as a team. Accepting that some of the best ideas come from the people that do the work.

The idea behind the work is more important than the work itself.

  • Don’t take yourself so seriously, but be very serious about the work you do. Have fun, but pursue your work passionately. Always be a student. Be curious. Learn about your role and how it impacts the team and the company. Learn about other’s roles and how you can support them. Remember to have fun, but also remember that every task should be taken seriously. 

Encouraging positive social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model

  • BLACK PLAGUE Brewing represents the misfits, renegades, underdogs, rebels, rule-breakers, nonconformists, hustlers, D-I-Yers, and all those who strive to be better, stand out from the crowd, and follow their true passion. These are the people that change history – that make an impact. We want to support positive social, environmental and cultural changes through our brand activities and interactions with the communities we serve.

We will continue to operate based on these principles, and seek to bring more people onto this team that are aligned with them. Cheers to a great year. Thanks for being a part of this journey. 

the Black Plague Team

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3rd Annual Halloween Party

Get tickets here:

Prepare yourself for our 3rd Annual Halloween Costume party – a frightening night filled with heart-pumping beats from the ‘ROCK THE PLAGUE’ DJs, bringing the 80s, 90s, hip hop, funk, r&b, and top 40 hits all night.

The Body Art Bus (@bodyartbus) will be parked out front all day and night, serving up fresh tattoos – get inked at the party.

Delicious eats from the Flavor Mobile to keep you going all night.

Costume Contest with prizes (beer, merch, cash) – dress to impress!

Special Beer 6-pack Can release of our newest creation to be unveiled at the party.

Make sure to get tickets early, our last Halloween party sold out.

  • Early Bird ticket = $15 | General Admission = $20
  • 21+ Event (must show ID to enter)
  • Door open at 6pm, Party starts at 7pm

We love this time of year. Halloween really allows you to be yourself, ya know.

(See a recap video below of our last Halloween party in case you missed it)

Get tickets here:

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Tony Hawk & Birdhouse Skateboard brew a beer!

Everyone’s favorite childhood action sports hero, Tony Hawk, and the crew at Birdhouse Skateboards have teamed up with rapidly-growing, Oceanside, California-based craft beer brewery, BLACK PLAGUE Brewing, to create an incredibly smooth beer honorably named, “Tony Hawps IPA”. It is set to release on July 20th at the BLACK PLAGUE taproom in Oceanside, CA and at select bars, restaurants, and retail stores throughout Southern California. This unique India Pale Ale is brewed with Simcoe and Amarillo hops for a resinous pine foundation, dry-hopped with a massive amount of Citra and Centennial hops for an outstanding aroma of orange citrus with hints of fresh grapefruit.

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New Collaboration Beer Release

We’re proud to announce our newest creation – a collaboration with Belching Beaver Brewery. This double dry-hopped west coast IPA overflows with hypnotizing aromas of passionfruit, peach, and tangerine. Paralyzing flavors of papaya and grapefruit leave you with a pillowy light body and clean finish.

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