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We’ve spent the last year discovering who we are, defining our ethos, and committing to a level of excellence that propels us forward. At BLACK PLAGUE Brewing, we are working to create a better life for people through quality products and the hospitable experiences we offer. We are constantly developing better ways of providing our service by doing it. Through this work, we have come to live by the following core values and principles… This is what we stand for:

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Friendsgiving – 2nd Annual Potluck Turkey Feast

Bring your friends to our first annual Black Plague Brewing Friendsgiving!

November 18th – Sunday, 3pm – 6pm – weekend before Thanksgiving Day. We will be hosting a Friendsgiving event where everyone brings their Thanksgiving side dishes to the taproom – potluck style! Family is fine, but FRIENDS are even better, amiright?! Come on down to BLACK PLAGUE and help us celebrate all the friendships that have formed in our taproom!

Smokey Jake’s BBQ is providing his famous Bourbon Brined Turkey (starting at 3PM) , and we will have all the fixin’s to go along with! There will be a limited supply, so reserve your plate early by purchasing on our online store, or in the taproom on your next visit.

TURKEY DINNER PLATE SOLD OUT – bring a side dish and share with friends, enjoy other dishes

If you’d like to get a limited release Barrel-Aged Stout 25oz bottle with your dinner plate, you will be able to purchase in the Taproom as an significant discount – Bottles will be available for $5 for ticket holders.

We will also be hosting our 2nd Annual Cook Off; so, if you have a side dish that is sure to please, please bring enough to share for voting and share some with friends. We will hold voting from 3-6PM  so drop it off during that time to allow for people to vote for you – winners will be announced at 7PM. Competition is in 3 categories:

  • Best Side Dish
  • Best Stuffing/Dressing
  • Best Dessert

Enter to win gift cards and BLACK PLAGUE merchandise, and bragging rights, of course! Even if you don’t want to enter the competition, everyone is encourage to bring a small side dish – the more the merrier.

Ashley Hollander ( will be taking the stage from 4:30-6:30 to serenade you through dinner! AND you’ll be the first to hear her new music dropping on 11/16! Come support your girl and bring your friends to celebrate such a great year with us!

We have very limited seats so get your friends together and make sure everyone gets their tickets asap!

TURKEY DINNER PLATE SOLD OUT – bring a side dish and share with friends, enjoy other dishes




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2nd Annual Hellbound Halloween Party Recap

This party was SOLD OUT, and it was a helluva good time. Everyone was decked out in over-the-top costumes and partied til the last beer was poured. The party kicked off with free tarot readings in the front lounge with the DJ’s pumping the beats in the main Taproom area. The girl from The Ring appeared and contorted her body in ways that should not be legal – it was straight from the bowels of hell. The costume contest was rowdy with Danny DeVito from Its Always Sunny in Philedelphia battling it out against Mach Man Randy Savage in the final round. DeVito took home the title for funniest costume.

Watch the video for a taste of the action at the party. Don’t miss the next event.

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Bronze medal winner at 2018 US Open Beer Championship

We never intended for this beer to win any medals. Not because it is not a great beer, but because we did not brew this according to the traditional style criteria. The 1347 is a classic IPA with a West-Coast citrus twist that makes it very delicious, but doesn’t really fit the old-fashioned rules required to win a medal. Regardless, this beer cut through all the noise and won the bronze medal at the 2018 US Open Beer Championship.


– From the U.S. Open Beer Championship website –

Breweries from South Carolina to South Korea sent in more than 6,300 beers representing more than 110 different styles for the 2018 U.S. Open Beer Championship. The competition is the only one to include beers from professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers, with judges from England, Canada and the United States.

New Beer Coming Soon

New Beer Alert – Releasing this deliciously fresh and crisp Pilsner on August 3rd to celebrate true American beer on International Beer Day.

BLACK LIGHT is your new go-to for an easy drinking, refreshing Pilsner that tastes like America in a can 🇺🇸 at 4.8% ABV, you can crush these all day.

Super limited cans available, so come early before they’re all gone. Comment if you want one ☝🏻 .