BLACK PLAGUE Ambassadors

BLACK PLAGUE Ambassadors

Tony Hawk

Pro Skateboarding Legend

(@tonyhawk) Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his video games. He is widely considered to be one of the most successful and influential pioneers of modern vertical skateboarding. Tony is a role model for fans of all ages and supports the Plague Doctor’s mission of bringing people together for good times over good beers!

Nyjah Huston

Pro Skateboarder

(@nyjah) Nyjah Huston is appropriately deemed “The X-Factor” by ESPN Magazine as the sole pro-skater who will change the course of the sport over the next decade, pro streetskating phenom and newest addition to the prestigious Nike SB team, NYJAH HUSTON has monopolized the world of action sports. Bringing home seven X-Games gold medals and winning the “Best Male Action Sports Athlete” award at the 2013 and 2014 ESPY Awards consecutively, he aptly remains the face of skateboarding worldwide.

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

Pro Skateboarder

(@aaronjawshomoki) Jaws is a professional skateboarder from Phoenix, Arizona. Homoki is famous for his ability to withstand big drops and to clear large gaps, despite his self-proclaimed inability to “pop an ollie very high.” He is a four-time winner of Thrasher’s King of the Road competition: once as a mystery guest for Alien Workshop, in 2012, and three times for Birdhouse, completing a three-peat in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Matt Berger

Pro Skateboarder

(@mattberger_) Matt Berger started skating when he was five in his hometown Kamloops of British Columbia, Canada. Matt first got sponsored when he was ten, won his first major contest, 2009 Damn Am Canada, when he was 16 and got on Flip Skateboards in 2011 when he was 18. In 2014 Matt skated the SLS Pro Open and made history as the first Am to qualify into SLS. After a strong year Matt turned Pro for Flip in 2015 and had a good year in SLS with two top ten finishes.

Ryan Decenzo

Pro Skateboarder

(@ryandecenzo) Ryan Decenzo doesn’t have time to take it easy. Since turning pro back in January 2010, he hasn’t once taken a break. The Canadian ripper from Vancouver, British Columbia, spent his early days watching in awe as pro skaters like Mike Hastie and McCrank tore up Ladner Skatepark. Eager to follow in their footsteps, Ryan practiced hard, honing his skills and crafting his own style.

Manny Santiago

Pro Skateboarder

(@mannysantiago) Nicknamed “Manny Slays All”, Manny is a professional skateboarder from Puerto Rico. Santiago is the first and only Puerto Rican skateboarder to be in the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) “premier competitive series”. In 2013, Santiago won two consecutive stops in the first ever “Select Series” at Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Brazil and Barcelona. He is famously recognized for his missing tooth, ear-to-ear smile, and endlessly positive demeanor.

Paul Hart

Pro Skateboarder


Taylor Bingaman

Pro Skateboarder


Ben Hatchell

Pro Skateboarder


Joey Brezinski

Pro Skateboarder


Dakota Servold

Pro Skateboarder


David Gravette

Pro Skateboarder


Paul Kobriger



Matt Hensley

Skateboarder + Member of Flogging Molly


Jimmy Wilkins

Pro Skateboarder