Our Values

In the heart of an era that thirsted for change, BLACK PLAGUE Brewing emerged—not just as a brewery but as a symbol of resilience. Founded on the conviction to forge connections and build a community bonded by the love for exceptional beer, our story began in June 2017. It’s a tale not merely about brewing but about igniting a renaissance over pints shared among the free spirits and the fearless.

Our doors swung open to a chorus of acclaim, with multiple awards soon adorning our walls. But the true prize was always the congregation of individuals who found solace and celebration in our taproom—the misfits and mavericks, the rebels and dreamers. At BLACK PLAGUE Brewing, we don’t just craft beer; we craft experiences for those who march to the beat of their own drum, who dare to live with passion, who toast to the fullness of life even in the face of the inevitable.

We draw inspiration from the Plague Doctors of yore, the empiric guardians who stood defiant against the darkness of their times. They were the original nonconformists, their beaked masks and cloaked figures becoming icons of hope amidst despair. Like them, we stand unswayed by the status quo, embracing innovation and an empirical spirit in our brewing. Our craft is our crucible, where experimentation melds with tradition, creating beers that resonate with tales of rebirth and the unyielding human spirit.

Our commitment to cutting-edge processes ensures that every glass from BLACK PLAGUE is a testament to quality, a harmonious blend of science and soul. We are a haven for creativity, a stage for live music that pulses with the vibrant artistry of our community. We support our neighborhood, from the roar of kids’ sports to the camaraderie of local festivals, nurturing bonds that extend beyond the bar.

In our pursuit of sustainable excellence, we echo the practices of our medieval muses, sharing our spent grain with local farmers, sustaining the cycle that nourishes us all. BLACK PLAGUE Brewing is more than a brand—it’s a beacon, a place where the past and the future converge in the clinking of glasses.

Join us in a crusade that transcends the ordinary—a crusade that celebrates every aspect of life, especially the dark, for it is in the dark that we find the brightest lights. Embrace the BLACK PLAGUE, and let us raise a chalice to the underdogs, to the art of brewing, to the stories yet to be told. Here, we don’t fear the darkness; we revel in it, finding beauty in the shadows and strength in the stories of those who dared to dream of light.

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Our Values

Plague Doctor History

The Dark Ages were a time of upheaval marked by the death of culture, science, and the arts. Much of the world’s written history and greatest advancements were lost after the fall of the Roman Empire. Without the knowledge and technology to fight death and disease, society began to crumble under the chaos of a global pandemic. It would be centuries before a hero would emerge to help rebuild what was lost. The Plague Doctor arose as a means to combat the struggle for survival and give hope to communities that life could be better. At BLACK PLAGUE, we believe that the Plague Doctor represents a sign of new hope and community. Learn more about how this mysterious figure shaped history.

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Plague Doctor History

Meet The Team

A look behind the mask… These are the people that come together to make BLACK PLAGUE a reality through their investment of time and energy to create the best beers and experiences possible! Hand-crafting amazingly delicious beers, designing every brand label and piece of merchandise in-house, serving up awesome experiences in the taproom, and doing it all with a smile. This crew keeps things running smoothly so you never miss out on a drop of the good stuff. We are passionate about what we do. Stop by the brewery to say hello, drink a beer, and appreciate their passion for the craft.

Get to know the people behind the mask – The ones creating the exceptional beer, apparel, and events at BLACK PLAGUE

Meet the Team

BLACK PLAGUE Ambassadors

A belief in our mission and a respect for the passion behind every detail is what brings us all together to support the vision for BLACK PLAGUE. In one way or another, they are all part of the BLACK PLAGUE Community.

Bringing people together for good times is their specialty, so you just might run into them during one of our extravagant parties in the taproom.

Meet the Ambassadors

Join the party online

We like to connect with those the believe in our purpose and truly enjoy good times and great beers. We’re actively listening to what you have to say. Tag us (@BlackPlagueBrewing) or use the hashtag #blackplaguebrewing to join the conversation. Help us co-create some of our specialty brews, share your favorites, or tell us about an event that really got you hopped up on a really good time!

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