Our Values

The idea behind the work is more important than the work itself

You may believe that we are in the beer business… or that our job is to make great beer and sell it. There are several other businesses that are are striving for that aim. They compete with each other to be known as a company that makes great beer, possibly even the best beer in San Diego, or even the world. While that is a result of what we do here at BLACK PLAGUE; it is not our mission to simply make exceptionally high-quality and delicious beer. That is a given – we are located in the capitol of craft beer. At BLACK PLAGUE, we strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves, even when it is not easy — building a positive emotional connection with our community in order to achieve our mission of empowering others through creative self-expression. A sighting of the Plague Doctor in your community is a sign that things will be getting better soon. Each person on our team understands and embodies the idea behind the work in order to build that community and improves people’s lives. We believe that the idea behind the work is more important that the work itself and that how we conduct ourselves is as critical to BLACK PLAGUE’s success as making the best products in the world.

What we stand for…