Our Values

Quality Over Quantity

We don’t take ourselves so seriously, but we are very serious about the work we do. It’s all about the small details that come together to create something special and unique. We like to have fun and look for ways to enjoy our work, while at the same time we pursue our work passionately.

It’s called “craft” for a reason. From the beginning, we’ve focused on creating high quality original products that set us apart from our competition. We attract fans, followers, and customers because of the quality of our products, not the amount that we produce. We will not sacrifice quality in the pursuit of higher volumes or reaching more people. We are picky about what we give our energy to. We could chase every trend or fad; trying to deliver something new. We could lower our standards and create more of something that doesn’t live up to our brand reputation… Instead, we prefer to reserve our time, intensity, and spirit exclusively for those projects and people that will result in a high-quality experience. Our guiding rule is not how much, but how good. Keep the quality things that make you happy, but get rid of all that excess quantity. You will feel lighter, brighter and happier.

What we stand for…