Meet the Team – Jordan Hoffart


CO-FOUNDER / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jordan Hoffart became a professional skateboarder and played a major role in the skateboard industry for over 15 years.  He has competed and won televised championships all over the world, working with major media networks such as Fox Sports 1 & NBC Sports. He has developed many contacts in sourcing, manufacturing, sales and distribution which has given him the opportunity to bring so many people together to build BLACK PLAGUE. Jordan’s extensive experience in brand management and vendor engagement with several of his major sponsors; including Stereo Skateboards, BONES wheels & Surplus Distribution gives him the capability to oversee brand management & collaborations, marketing and promotions, as well as handling all of Brewing Ops & Supply Chain Management for BLACK PLAGUE.  Jordan never hesitates to help a friend in need. His sense of community with everyone he encounters, loyalty to his friends and family, and tenacity to see things through represent BLACK PLAGUE’s core values.

“Skateboarding and brewing beer are both creative expressions of who you are.”

Get to know Jordan…

Hometown? Vista CA

What’s your middle name? Eric

Favorite BLACK PLAGUE Beer? Bring Out Your Dead IPA

Favorite day of the week? Saturday

Who inspires you? My sons

Favorite city in U.S. besides the one you live in? Palm Springs

Nickname your parents used to call you? Joey

Favorite music genre? Hip hop

Biggest Fear? Sharks

Favorite holiday? Christmas

Dawn or dusk? Dawn

Favorite junk food? Pizza

What does a person need to be happy? Content

Is double dipping at a party ever acceptable? Never… who does that. 

Dogs or cats? Dogs… Although I’ve met some pretty rad cats. 

Have you ever slapped someone in the face? KO

What’s the most boring thing ever? Fishing (sorry)

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