Meet the Team – Bret Leishman

Bret Leishman


Bret is a fan of all beers and has always wanted to work at a brewery. He believes that it takes a combination of delicious beer and the right atmosphere to really make our place special – so he focuses on keeping the vibes perfect. Bret is always looking to learn things he doesn’t know. He works hard to ensure that the outstanding reputation of BLACK PLAGUE in the beer community, near and far, it held in the highest regard. His family also owns and operates a yacht-building business, so he spends his off-time helping them maintain sea-faring vessels.

Get to know Bret…

Hometown? Oceanside

What’s your middle name? Conrad

Favorite BLACK PLAGUE Beer? As The World Burns

Favorite day of the week? Friday

Who inspires you? Mostly my dog Ozzie

Favorite city in U.S. besides the one you live in? Denver, CO

Nickname your parents used to call you? Bret

Favorite music genre? Rock, bluegrass

Biggest Fear? Not having a dog

Favorite holiday? Halloween

Dawn or dusk? Dawn

Favorite junk food? The Del

What does a person need to be happy? Beer and a dog

Is double dipping at a party ever acceptable? Pre covid it was ok I guess

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Have you ever slapped someone in the face? Only once or twice

What’s the most boring thing ever? Waiting to get off an airplane after landing.

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